Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prescription for an Old Hospital

Keeping Several City Blocks Alive Takes Vision
New life for the old hospital.

When a hospital moves, it creates a void in the community fabric. Here I've developed the architect's concept for turning the block into a retail and residential project.

Restyled Resort

Developing a Concept and Taking it to Market

Ingleside 8
Here I loosely sketched proposed improvements
right on large prints of the buildings.

It was situated on a beautiful golf course. The problem was that the resort's buildings were considered dated and a new look was needed. Working with the architect, I created quick imagery of what could be!

Ingleside 9
The golf house became a distinct feature.

Ingleside 5

Ingleside 6

Ingleside 1
The hotel was given new dignity.

Ingleside 2
I even threw in a night scene.

Ingleside 12
Some old motel units in front became a retail village.

Ingleside 13

Ingleside 14

Monday, January 26, 2009

Traditional Rendering Today

How to Create a Concept in Short Order

This site will explore some ways traditional drawing methods can be used to develop and present concept architecture. Here is a refreshing approach to restyling existing buildings and addressing infill.

It's also cost effective. You supply the loose concept and we flesh it out right in your office. These renderings can be developed quickly and give you an advantage in early presentations.

Visit Our Website for more examples.